Turn on the TV – youʼll hear a lot of samey wallpaper music and tired samples. I aim to provide something different. Wherever possible I use real, organic, locally sourced instruments and musicians (recorded at my well-equipped home studio running Logic). I then aim for the highest standards of composition, but always in service of whatʼs on screen.

I have wide experience as a composer, songwriter, arranger and multiinstrumentalist. I play a number of instruments from very well to rather badly: the non-rusty ones include guitar, violin, mandolin and flute.

Why else might you want to work with me? I love great film and great TV, and am fluent in screen history, theory and mechanics – from visual language and sound design to character and story arc. I feed this knowledge and passion, along with my musical instincts into the collaborative process.

Recently, I have completed the highly regarded MA course in Music Composition for Film and Television at Bristol University. My base is Bristol (southwest England) with regular travel to London.

Daniel Weltman
T.V  / Film Composer
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